How do I "log in"?

You would like to give your heart light? Great!

Your log-in code: simply your wish to do so.

Yes, it is this easy, you only need to want to do so. Through this wish you will have the perfect matching vibration and will come in resonance with the hologram.

This is new: an energetic log-in - not a technical one via the computer.

How do I use my heart energy? And how long should I do this exactly?


Choose a region where you would like to give your heart energy to.

  • Have you heard a tsunami or earthquake warning? Then you can support this area.
  • Do you think your district or the street you live in needs more light? Take a map or walk through your area in your mind.
  • You don’t want to give your energy to any special region? Just let your heart energy flow into the whole planet.Think about the planet in your mind. Or make it easier and take a world map, a globe, or a 3D animation. There is, for example, the app  „Solar Walk“ - a lot of fun for children.

Then you visualise a white or golden ray from your heart flowing into the region you have chosen.
Every second is valuable.
Do it as long as you like.

You are a healer? Why don't you use your kind of healing?
If it comes straight from your heart it will find its way into the hologram, too.