What does "we are all one" mean?

The year 2012 brought us a very special energetic quality.

Things do happen faster. „We are all one“ is more real and effective than ever.

We perceive ourselves to be individuals with separate bodies, each possessing our own story.

However, ultimately, all humans are connected by the morphogenetic field. We are matter and energy. Everything has a vibration. Our bodies have a special kind of vibration. The things that surround us have a certain vibration. Our thoughts have a vibration.

Technology has its individual vibration. In a way the Internet is the technical version of our morphogenetic field. One day, telephony will be replaced by telepathy -  it’s only a question of frequency, because even a thought has a vibrating field.

When was the last time you thought about someone who got in touch shortly after? In that moment you had the same wavelength.