This sounds like "Avatar"?

In fact, my clients told me that after watching the movie they felt this inner yearning, this inner bonding with something bigger for the very first time.

Surely, this is one of the main reasons for the overwhelming success of this film. And even in our society many volunteers speak about their inner satisfaction of helping others.

There are a lot of people who feel the desire to do something valuable. Something that helps everyone. While we invest little time in this project, we should not underestimate its outcome. A lot of little drops can even form an ocean. The universe does not waste anything.

Energy sent does not get lost, it will reach its goal.

Individuals who feels familiar with „we are all one“ will feel intuitively that an improvement and a nurturing of our planet will help us all, especially the person who invested time.

And this is an interest that we all should have. Simply because we live on, and through, this earth. This planet has supported us for such a long time without asking anything back, without struggling back.


This planet does not need us to survive. But we do.

What if we can give back something in exchange?

What if we really can support our planet
and even can heal it?