What does it mean for our planet?

Planet Earth is going though a huge cleansing and transformation process. The results are earthquakes and tsunamis.

Many of my clients tell me during their
sessions that they do not sleep well after such news. Pictures of the Tsunami of Thailand 2004 or Japan 2011 occur.

Especially children talk about their fears and their emotions about not being able to do anything.

Free your mind of barriers of time and space.
A little thought needs just as much energy as a big one. Only for its realisation you maybe need some more parameters.

Together with the parents, the kids and I then play a sort of game: we take an atlas, look for the region that needs help and open our heart. We pour our heart energy into the region. A good feeling.

And if the child’s little heart looses its heavy weight, then it is reason enough to try.

But what can we do exactly? Read