What can we do?

Free your mind of limiting thoughts such as time and space.
A little thought needs just as much energy as a big one. Only for its realisation you maybe need some more parameters.

There are so many kinds of healing techniques, for example the sending of light into a disaster zone. No matter which kind of healing you are practising:

Everyone is able to send light from the heart.

It is about our heart’s wish to create something positive.

Our love and humanity is the biggest power we possess. Our heart evokes the biggest electromagnetic field in our bodies, not our brain. Through this we create our reality.

If used in a negative way, the field will turn against us. This is the law of attraction - cause and effect. Through negative manipulation we only harm ourselves.

Positively used it is a very high, very healing vibration. If love is unconditional and we respect our own necessary bounds, love will have an incredible effect - more than humanity is able to imagine at this point in time.

November 2011, I created a stable quantum physical hologram of our earth.

The hologram is an open source project. Open for everyone at any time who would like to support our earth in the transformation and healing process, for the highest good of everyone.

This hologram is protected on the highest level – so you can only do it in the right way.

How to get into the hologram, I will tell you here.